How to get to Casa San Jacopo

How to get to Casa San Jacopo
Casa San Jacopo is located within the beautiful walls of Lucca, in the north area of the city between Porta Santa Maria and Porta San Jacopo.

Here’s how to reach us by car:
once you leave the highway (exit Lucca East or Lucca West depending on where you are cominf from), follow the signs ‘center’ and soon you will find a roundabout and you will see the City Walls in front of you.
Turn to the left keeping the city walls on your right and go ahead following the Walls.
At your right you will see a modern urban gateway (1910) called Porta Sant’Anna, continue along the Walls.
After a while you will see a more ancient gateway (1629) Porta San Donato Nuova which is reserved for residential traffic, go on.
At your left you will see big shops as Esselunga then Euronics and then a large roundabout with Porta Santa Maria (1549) on your right, go inside the Walls from there!
Inside the gateway you will find a very busy square so be careful!
Cross the square and you will see parking lots with blue stripes at your right and in front of you two narrow streets: one goes to the right and one goes to the left: both streets has cameras as the city center is a Limited Traffic Area, but you can enter!. Go forward the street that goes between the Bank of Pescia and a shop of photos, it’s called Via del Gonfalone.
It’s very short and then you will be obliged to turn left along Via Michele Rosi.
We are at number 93.
Stop where you can close to our house and ring the bell!

Then we will make a transit permit for the car and tell you where to park just outside the walls or at the underground garage with our card at 5 € per day.
Here’s how to reach us on foot from the train station:
Casa San Jacopo is around 1.5 km from the train station (where also the suburban and urban buses stop).
If you want to walk, in 20 minutes you will be here: let the station behind you and go to the city walls that you see in front of you. Get in from Porta San Pietro (1565) the ancient gateway used by foreigners in the past and continue to Piazza Napoleone, easy to identify thanks to the mighty plane trees that adorn it. You should already see the belltower of the Church of San Michele in the homonymous square, go in that direction and turn right on Via Roma before entering the Piazza San Michele. The first street you will find on your left is Via Fillungo, the main street of Lucca with beautiful shops and historic buildings.
Via Michele Rosi is the continuation of Via Fillungo so follow this street enjoying the historic center of Lucca.
At the end of Via Fillungo you will pass under an arch that is the medieval Porta dei Borghi: few steps and Via Michele Rosi starts: we are at number 93.

Here’s how to reach us by city bus from the train station:
With your back to the station, at your left you find a stop of the city lines.
You can take the Red Line or Green Line with destination Piazza Santa Maria (ask the driver to warn you when it stops in Piazza Santa Maria in order to go down). Once in Piazza Santa Maria walk along Via del Gonfalone that passes between the Bank of Pescia and a photo shop. It’s very short and at its end you will be obliged to turn left along Via Michele Rosi.
We are at number 93.

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